How To Be On The Bachelor

How To Be On The Bachelor

Have you ever watched The Bachelor and thought to yourself that YOU should be on the show? Well, it's not that hard.

There are requirements, of course. For starters, you have to be 21+, single, and be open to being videotaped twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week while participating in the program by means of open and hidden cameras. You'll probably have to be OK with being around alcohol as well. If you've checked yes to each of those, and the rest of these... read on. 

By Mail

Yes. Some people in this world still prefer to attach a stamp and send it the good ol' fashioned way... by mail. There are more than 5 pages of detailed information that you have to fill out, and it's different for both men and women. Expect follow-up interviews if you've made the first round cut. 

Audition Tape

You'll need an audition tape. There's no way around this. I mean, if you're gonna be on TV, you better get your audition tape ready and on point! You'll have to pay attention to what you wear, how to film, and cover a few topics among other things in order to get this audition tape ready. Got a talent? You'll wanna show that off too. 

Casting Call

You can get in line and attend a casting call.  Get ready to wait in a LONG LINE. There might be a few other people who are also interested in the show. *sarcasm


Maybe you're not quite Bachelor material, you're married, not really into finding love on TV... whatever the reason, you can nominate a friend! 

Are you ready? You can enter online

After reading the long list of requirements, if you're still game to be on the GAME OF LOVE, or you still see yourself saying (or hearing) "will you accept this rose?" it's time to fill out the application