How to Adopt a Rescued Koala in Australia

Thousands of koalas died as a result of the fires in Australia. Here's how you can help the surviving koalas.

The Australian wildfires have burned since late 2019 and are still going at the time of this article. Half a billion animals and wildlife have perished due to fires according to ecologists from the University of Sydney.

Koalas, those cute little cuddly creatures that eat eucalyptus leaves and sleep all day are at risk. Thousands of them (about 8,000) are gone. A lot of them have been rescued at various koala rehabilitation centers, wildlife parks, and hospitals across Australia.

Many of them, including organizations such as WWF, WIRES and Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief & Recovery, are taking donations through their websites and GoFundMe pages.

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital and World Wildlife Fund have virtual "adoption" options if you want to support one of their koalas. No. You don't get to take one home with you (I wish). Your donation goes to helping these animals get cared for and rehabilitated. What you do get is a certificate for helping your little koala. We can only imagine how many more have ended up in these facilities since the start of the Australian fires.

How to help Australia's fire services

Let's not forget. It's the brave men and women who work to rescue these animals in the first place! You can also donate to NSW Rural Fire Service, Tasmania Fire Service, SA Country Fire Service, Western Australia Fire Service just to name a few.

Video Captures Australian Woman Braving Brushfire To Save Injured Koala - Thumbnail Image

Video Captures Australian Woman Braving Brushfire To Save Injured Koala

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