How Thieves Steal Money From Contactless Cards

How thieves can steal your money using RFID scanners

Paying for things has gotten much easier over the years. Unfortunately, it's also easier for thieves to steal YOUR money. Behold, the digital pickpocketer. Here's how they do it...

Wanna see how easy it is for a pickpocketer to steal your money, digitally? 

Thanks to contactless cards, the thief simply has to set how much money they want to withdraw using a GPRS mobile card reader, then stand close enough to your wallet or purse to scan or skim it. That's it.

How does a thief get one of these RFID scanners?

These card readers are only available to business accounts from banks. That means personal information is usually provided to the banks in order to even open an account. If a victim reads through their statements, they can see who withdrew the money. Unfortunately, it's could be too late by the time the victim even notices.

How to prevent card skimming theft

To make sure this doesn't happen to you, there are RFID-blocking card sleeves and wallets that you can pick up online that prevent this from happening. Some people have figured out that wrapping your cards in tin foil can also be somewhat effective to prevent skimming.