Cheap Hobbies That Cost Little to No Money

Hobbies that cost little to no money

Got an hour or two to kill? Got nothing to do? Tired of watching TV/Netflix? Don't have a lot of money? It's time to find a hobby!

Hobbies force you to stop what you're doing and take a break. It forces you to relax. It can sometimes cause stress, but it's the good kind of stress. Similar to the stress of finding the right puzzle piece when putting together a puzzle. Hobbies keep your brain working to find new ways to do things and things to do. Hobbies can help you fit in with other likeminded people in the world. Yes, there are even health benefits to having a hobby and something to look forward to after a long day at work or school. Hobbies help you retain a sense of self-worth and gives you a feeling of progress. That's a win/win. 

Here are a few hobbies that you can do for relatively low cost or NO COST. (FREE is always good)

Get certified in something or learn about a topic for free (or relatively cheaply)

In a world where YouTube is widely accessible, there is no excuse NOT to learn how to do something. Have you seen how many tutorials there are on YouTube? TONS (and that's an understatement). Back in the day, if you wanted to learn how to do something you had to know someone who could teach it to you. Today, you're seconds away from opening your YouTube app or Googling a how-to and learning something new. 

Parkour or Dancing

Is buying a bike or a skateboard out of your budget? Look up "Parkour" or dance videos to get your body moving with relatively no money.  All you need is a good pair of shoes and some space. 

Fixing/rebuilding computers, phones, tablets to sell

Every year, electronics go into the dumpster because a person simply doesn't want to do the work to upkeep the gear and would rather go buy the latest model. There are electronics recyclers in almost every city that collect computers from businesses that are upgrading to the latest PCs every few years. You might find deals like a pallet of computers for about a $100+ that don't have hard drives in them... but still have the motherboards and processors.  SCORE... these usually go for at least $50-$200+ EACH on eBay. Not a bad way to turn a low investment into some serious $$$. 

Learn how to solve a Rubiks Cube 

This toy has been around forever and it STILL gets used today. Don't believe me? Look on YouTube. For about less than $10 on Amazon, you can join the craze and impress your friends and family. 


Got a knife and some wood? You're in business. 

Excersize, Play Tennis or Basketball

Get yourself some shorts and a good pair of shoes and you're ready to go. There are plenty of courts around where you can play for FREE. 

Learn to Draw, Paint, Sculpt, or write Calligraphy

You'll never run out of things to draw or paint. EVER. There's always something to put down on that canvas. Don't know where to start? YouTube has a million tutorials

Learn How to Play Chess

This game originated in Northern India over 1,500 years ago and it's STILL going. Once you learn the basics, you'll play the game for the rest of your life.  You can easily download one of many free chess games on your phone/tablet or buy a physical chess board on Amazon for under $20 bucks. You'll make a lot of friends around the world too. It's one of the things in the world where you can devote all the time in the world to it and realize that you still suck, but at least you're having fun. 

Learn How to write Computer Code

Got a computer? Got internet? Go to YouTube, and dive into the many FREE tutorials and learn how to write your first app or build a website. Need coding software? Microsoft Visual Studio Code is FREE to download and has a ton of features built in. It's also the tool of choice for many coders around the world. 


It's the most amazing, and boring, activity known to mankind. You're literally sitting there for hours waiting to hook a fish. What's so fun about that you ask? Sure you can go to the grocery market and pick up a salmon that's been prepared for you. Well, it's a great way to relieve stress and force yourself to do something, while NOT doing anything at the same time. It's therapeutic and it's like meditation. For a one time cost of some fishing rods, accessories like fishing line and hooks, you'll be ready in no time. Head over to YouTube and learn a few fishing techniques for free from expert fishermen! 

Learn to Play an Instrument or Make Music

Think it's too expensive? Think again. You can buy used guitars, keyboards, recording interfaces, microphones for less. You don't have to buy a Les Paul guitar when you're learning how to play for the first time. Just pick up and learn on any decent quality gear until you outgrow it. 

Tired of playing the same songs over and over on your guitar? Write your own music. You'll get tired after a few hours, but you'll never be bored. Ask any musician. Can't find a teacher in your area to learn how to play guitar/piano from? Head over to YouTube and grab yourself a drink.  

Learn to Sew, Embroidery, Cross Stitch

Maybe you're the crafty type and you're looking to spend next to nothing, you've found it. You can get floss for under a dollar at your local Walmart or fabric store. Get yourself some plastic or wood hoops at your local thrift store if you've gotta do it. 

Video games

Maybe this is more of an addiction than a hobby, but if you're looking to kill some time, you don't have to buy the latest consoles to have a good time. Pick up an old Xbox or PS3 for less than a $100 bucks and find yourself some used games. We're not talking about old school games where you only play them for a few minutes before you get bored. You can find some really good action, sports, role-playing, RPG, etc. games that are only maybe a year old. If you wanna go the mobile route, you're in luck, there are TONS of FREE games in the Google Play or Apple store. 


I admit this isn't for everybody. But neither are any of the other ideas I've mentioned. Different strokes for different folks, right? Find your local dollar store and browse the toy aisle. You'll usually find puzzles that cost next to nothing that you can spend the next few hours on. Get your friends and family in on it. Now you've got a party. 


Gardening is the only legal way to print money.  Why? Well, you can find seeds and literally save yourself a trip to the grocery store if you plan accordingly. Don't have a whole lot of space? Grab yourself some small pots, cans, and start your own herb garden. Last I checked, the sun was free to use, so have at it. 


Got a lot going on in that brain of yours? Share it with the world! Or tell a story that could become the next big blockbuster movie. Once you start, it'll be hard to stop. It's a great way to kill time. You can also blog online and make some money from it as well through advertising if you've got an audience.