Here's a Better Way To Know Where All Your Money Went Each Time You Shop

A Netflix engineer re-imagines how receipts would look like if stores added infographics that would make it easier for you to see which items cost you the most money

How many times have we gone to Walmart, Target, Costco to buy a few items... only to walk out with a $150 receipt. Do you sometimes ask yourself, "where did all my money go?"

Susie Lu is a senior data visualization engineer at Netflix and she had a great idea. What if, stores gave customers info on what the customer spent the most on? Lu printed her idea on a low-res printer which showed that a majority of her purchases went to meat and seafood (as you'll see below).

If you're trying to save money, budget your finances, or eat a more balanced diet, you can see where you need to make changes. This beats having to manually add up your items mentally to see where your money went on groceries!

How many people actually save the coupons on their receipts to buy other stuff? Maybe those long store receipts need a re-do.

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