Girl Goes Blind for 3 Weeks After Tattooing Eyeballs

Amber Luke, 24, from New South Wales, Australia, known as 'Blue Eyes White Dragon' went blind for about 3 weeks after getting her eyeballs tattooed blue.

Amber has also had numerous tattoos (around 200) inked, breast augmentation, fillers around her cheek and lips, ear implant, as well as stretched earlobes and a tongue split procedure. She plans on being fully covered in tattoos by next year in 2020.

Luke spent a total of about $26,000 on her tattoos and body mods.

In an interview with Barcroft TV, Luke's mother wasn't very happy with her body modifications and has a hard time understanding why Amber would do that to herself but supported her in her modifications. Amber stated on her Instagram account, 'I absolutely hate the way I used to look. It wasn't me,' and became a fan of tattoos around the age of 16.

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