Florida Man Performs Exorcism inside Walmart Store

dameon cantrell

Dameon Cantrell, 38, from Florida performed an exorcism at a Walmart store in order to get rid of evil spirits

A homeless man by the name of Dameon Cantrell from Bayonet Point, Florida was arrested for trying to do an exorcism at a Pasco County Walmart. He grabbed a container of salt from the shelf inside the store and started pouring it on his feet to ward off evil spirits that were following him.

Cantrell, who had 2 other misdemeanors earlier this year, was later found behind the store laying under a tree and arrested by local authorities. He was booked at the Land O’ Lakes Detention Center where he was released a few days later.

Luckily, no one appeared to have been harmed by the incident.

However, a woman was allegedly caught on camera being possessed by a demon at a store. Do you think it's real? Watch below...

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