Drunk Mother Charged with Neglect After 3-Year-Old Almost Drowns in Jacuzzi

Apryl Connolly, 36

A 3-year-old boy nearly drowned in a Perry’s Ocean Edge Resort jacuzzi (Daytona Beach, Florida) while his mother was drunk and high nearby

Luckily, a Perry’s Ocean Edge Resort employee spotted the boy drowning on a security camera. A maintenance worker quickly ran to switch off the jacuzzi jets and pull out the drowning boy 2 minutes after falling in. The child was revived and taken to Arnold Palmer Hospital.

The kid's mother, Apryl Connolly, 36, has been charged with felony child neglect. She admitted to authorities that she had 3 shots of tequila, taken pills, and was smoking pot. A VERY BAD combination. She thought others around her were keeping an eye on her son.

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