Drug Test Results + Crazy Girl Confessions With The Shoe Box

Drug Test Results + Crazy Girl Confessions With The Shoe Box

You need to hear what is in the box because it makes the story so much worse! Listener Erin from Chula was livid because her husband made a commitment to stop spending money on shoes and save up for their honeymoon. But when she came home and saw 3 new pairs, she started a bonfire with every box of shoes he owned!!! What was in one of these box of shoes made her cringe, makes us cringe, and will make you cringe too with Crazy girl Confessions! 

Plus we have the drug test results in! In case you missed it, Kramer enacted a mandatory drug test on 2 member of our morning show, DJ CRIZ and our Phone Screener Jess after they came in looking like hell after the Cross'd Music Festival. Well, they peed in a cup, we ran the test over night. The results on today's podcast!



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