Drake Bell and Josh Peck Reunite to Comment on Their Past Work

If you were alive around the 2000s, chances are you've watched Nickelodeon enough to know Josh Peck and Drake Bell who made their debut on The Amanda Show and eventually having their own show, Drake and Josh.

The show had an amazing run of 4 seasons and would eventually get canceled around 2006. Later on, fans became concerned when Drake was NOT invited to Josh's wedding. Did they have a falling out? Well, they appear to be totally cool again regardless of what did or didn't happen.

Well, it's 2019 and Josh Peck is making moves as a YouTube star with his vlogs. Drake did make a few appearances with Josh over the years on YouTube, and now they're back at it... this time, going over some of their past work on Nickelodeon and more. They shared stories about things that happened behind the scenes while filming some of those iconic scenes and so much more.



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