Doctor Cured Elderly Coronavirus Patients Using Stem Cells

Stem Cells in Israeli Laboratory

Dr. Dongcheng Wu, in Wuhan, China, may have found a cure for coronavirus patients using stem cell injections.

Wu, an expert in stem cell therapy was able to treat 9 elderly patients within a matter of days who had the coronavirus with 100% success by performing injections directly into the vein. Each patient originally came in with pneumonia-related illnesses and had issues breathing along with lung inflammation.

More research is needed before this technique could be used in the mainstream, but it's promising to say the least. The method would still need to be cleared by the CDC before it could be used in the United States.

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are able to develop into other different cell types and repair tissue damage around the body and are usually taken from a newborn's umbilical cord or bone marrow.

Please, wash your hands.

Photo: A human stem cell colony, which is no more than 1mm wide and comprises thousands of individual stem cells, grows on mouse embryonic fibroblast in a research laboratory September 5, 2001 at Israel's Technion Institute of Technology medical school in Haifa. The Technion, which launched Israel's stem cell research program in 1998, said it might share its four stem cell lines for use in medical research. (Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images)

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