Do You Wash Your Legs In The Shower?

The internet has divided everyone once again... and this time, not regarding anything related to politics... but their hygiene.

A Twitter poll by Conor Arpwel asking if people wash their legs in the shower has the internet divided. As it turns out, A LOT of people, 20% actually, don't wash their legs in the shower! Does that mean that they're not washing their feet either? YUCK!

Some people washed every single part of their body, every day. Others felt it should only be done on an as needed basis.

One person wrote: 'I feel like you don't really need to wash your legs, you wash your top 3/4 and the soap and water runs down,'

'Unless you're extraordinarily dirty for some reason.' someone else replied.

Some people felt that washing your body from head to toe is a waste of time and is bad for your skin. They felt showers should only be for areas that produce sweat (ie: armpit, crotch, etc.).

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