Daycare Worker Arrested for Tying Kids to Car Seats in Closet

Rebecca Anderson of Dallas, Texas Arrested for tying children up in closet

Daycare worker, 60-year-old Rebecca Anderson, of Mesquite, Dallas, Texas, was arrested for child abuse for allegedly tying kids to car seats in a closet and also for drugging babies

Anderson is accused of drugging and medicating young children and tying and strapping them around their necks to car seats and locking them in a closet. She admitted to authorities that she would give the kids Tylenol to make them "stop crying". The kids were sometimes locked in the closet for up to 7 hours each day. She is being charged with 9-counts of endangering a child. 

A parent attached a hidden camera to their child's car seat and learned about the abuse after watching their 6-month-old being yanked by his ankle and pulled by his bib around his neck. The video also showed Anderson administering a substance to the child using a syringe. 

Authorities went into Anderson's home and found several kids tied to car seats in a dark closet and bathroom. Some of the kids were tied around their necks with shoelaces. Authorities had to cut them in order to free the kids because they were tied tight in order to limit their movement.

The kids were taken to a hospital for evaluation. 

Rebecca Anderson is being held in Dallas County Jail on a $45,000 bond.