Woman Steals Her Own Car Back from Thief

Danielle Reno from Kansas City, Missouri had her Toyota 4Runner stolen while she was inside of a gas station in Clay County.

The first thing she did was file a police report. But she wasn't willing to leave it in someone else's hands and decided to take matters into her own hands and look for her car, herself! Reno spent the next 48 hours tracking down her car's location. She did it by tracking her phone's GPS and where her debit cards were being spent, eventually leading to a gas station; both were inside of her car when it was stolen. The station attendant told Reno that the thieves mentioned that they were on their way to Applebee's.

Danielle pulled up to the Applebee's and used her key to steal her car back while the thief was eating inside. After she had gotten her car and drove about half a mile away from the restaurant, she called the police to come and arrest the thief, who was holding Reno's wallet and keys, and her accomplice.

Despite the car having a lot of trash and a stench, Reno was glad she got her car back.

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