Dan gave his car to Kayla and now she wants to repay him back!

Dan was about to trade in his car when he over heard the girl next to him at the dealership break down. After his generous act Kayla really wanted to repay him for changing her life and that's when she called Kramer and Geena.

Kayla, a nursing student, has a new car after a stranger overheard her conversation with a salesman that didn’t end well. Dan was trading in his Scion at Auto City in El Cajon and sat within earshot of Kayla’s meeting. Kayla works two jobs while attending nursing school, was unable to afford the down payment the dealership was looking for, so she left crying. Kayla was borrowing cars from family and friends to get to work and was going to lose her job if she couldn’t find a car before the end of the month. Dan was touched by what he heard, so he asked the salesperson to call Kayla back to the dealership, he felt that the car had more value to her than it did for him trading it in. Kayla didn’t believe the random act of kindness at first, but it was official when Dan signed over the car’s title to her for nothing.

“That gives her a bit of a jumpstart in life,” Dan said. “Which, if everybody did that for everybody else, we’d be in a much better place.”

Now Kayla wanted to repay Dan back and with the help of our friends BATTA FULKERSON LAW GROUP we were able to Make Happiness Happen!

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