Dad's Want To Surprise Son With The Ultimate Birthday!

When listeners Jim and Bruce met James, they had no idea that their lives would be changed forever. Jim reached out to the show asking us to Make Happiness Happen for their 9 year old son James who will be celebrating his 10th birthday next month. Jim and his partner Bruce adopted James when he was 3 years old. James has recently been struggling emotionally with the fact that he is adopted. He's also suffered from numerous health issues since birth that he has to deal with on the daily. Jim and Bruce took him in as an infant when he biological parents couldn't take care of him anymore. They originally were just asked to be the godparents, but 3 years later, they adopted James and have been a family ever since.

Jim became a stay at home dad once James was adopted. Since the family is only living off of Bruce's income, and due to numerous doctor appointment & therapy sessions, their family is not able to do a lot of things together. Thanks to our friends Batta Fulkerson, we were able to put together a surprise birthday weekend for James to show him just how special he is!!

We also wanted to treat Jim and Bruce to a much needed Daddy's night out! Thanks to our friends at TRUST Restaurant, voted best new restaurant by San Diego magazine in 2018, for helping us put that together!



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