Dad Takes Over Teen's Instagram Account As Punishment

It all started when Madelynn Sumpter, 15, from Denton, Texas, got caught sneaking boys into a sleepover. Her parents, Larry Sumpter and Tawnya Ford, gave her an ultimatum: Give up her cell phone for a month or give up her social media accounts for 2 weeks... Madelynn chose the latter.

Forget grounding... embarrassment is worse! Larry and Tawnya wasted zero time finding creative ways to embarrass their daughter through her social media accounts using selfies and pics.

The first post was your standard, 'Felt cute. Might delete later,' post. As momentum on social media started picking up, Larry just kept going. It got to the point where Madelynn opted to give up her phone for a month instead... but things have already been decided. Dad was on a roll posting pics in different outfits, wigs, and showing off his dance moves!

Larry was having so much fun, he even started picking up his daughter from school while in costume.

Ironically, now that Madelynn has gotten back control of her social media accounts, she's gotten quite a few followers... thanks to Dad.

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