Custom Pet Slippers and Toys that Look Like Your Pet

OK, these custom pet slippers and stuffed toys are pretty next level

A company called Cuddle Clones offers custom slippers that look like your pets!

Now, you can wear your dog or cat as you're walking around your home with mini versions of your pet. Cuddle Clones makes dogs, cats, hamsters, horses, and guinea pigs. 

If slippers aren't your thing, you can also have a stuffed animal, or plush toy, made in the likeness of your furry pal. The replica animals are pretty lifelike. 

The cost?

$199 bucks USD. Once ordered, Cuddle Clones takes around 8 weeks to make your product. 

The company even donates a portion of the purchase to animal welfare services... so it's a win/win for any animal lover. 

Photo: Cuddle Clones

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