Couple Gets Death Threats After Buying Entire Meat Aisle

Dan Marcotte and his girlfriend are receiving death threats after bragging during checkout about their meat stash after purchasing the entire meat aisle at a supermarket

While many around the world are stocking up, Marcotte and his girlfriend joined the panic-shopper bandwagon and bought up the entire meat supply at Save On Foods in Lake Country, Vancouver, Canada - filling up 2 whole shopping carts. Shopper Taylor Born filmed the couple while they were in line to check out.

After the incident, Marcotte donated $1,000 to the local Lake Country Food Bank to help make it right.

Thumbnail photo: A boy walks down an empty meat aisle at a supermarket in Madrid on June 11, 2008. Fenadismer and another truckers' union, Confedetrans, launched a general strike Monday to demand government help to offset the higher fuel costs in a protest that has caused food and fuel shortages and huge tailbacks on the Spanish-French border and around major Spanish cities. (Photo credit: PHILIPPE DESMAZES/AFP via Getty Images)

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