Couple Convicted in Killing Pregnant Neighbor for Her Baby

Couple convicted in killing pregnant neighbor for her baby

Brooke Crews, from North Dakota, was convicted of killing her pregnant neighbor, 22-year-old Savanna Greywind, and cutting her baby from her womb 

Crews testified that her boyfriend pressured her to produce a baby. She considered faking a pregnancy just to keep her man, William Hoehn, happy. Hoehn helped Crews cover up the crime but later revealed that he didn't know of her plan to murder Greywind, who was 8 months pregnant and dumping her body in the Red River.

Miraculously, Savanna Greywind's baby survived and is currently being raised by relatives. 

Brooke and William had a violent relationship that was fueled by drugs and alcohol. After they initially broke up, Crew pretended to be pregnant, with fake pregnancy tests, sonograms, and more, just to keep her man. 

Originally, Crews explained to authorities that Greywind had agreed to give up her baby to her. She also stated that both Greywind and Crews had an argument which lead Crews to push her pregnant neighbor down and hitting a bathroom sink before she cut her open. 

According to the medical examiner, Dr. Victor Froloff, there were no head injuries sustained by the victim. 

Crews also claimed that the couple kept ropes around their home because Hoehn liked to tie her up during sex.  

After the murder, the couple wrapped the body in plastic, hid it in a hollowed out dresser, and carried it out of the apartment before dumping the remains in the Red River. 

It is unclear whether the victim, Savanna Greywind died from blood loss or strangulation. 

Brooke Crews pleaded guilty to murder and is now serving life in prison without a chance of parole. 

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