Chris Watts Explains How He Murdered Wife, Daughters to be with Mistress

Watts Family

Murderer Chris Watts confessed in a letter to author Cheryln Cadle about how he killed his pregnant wife and 2 little girls (Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3) in an attempt to have a relationship with his mistress Nichol Kessinger, in Frederick, Colorado.

DailyMailTV revealed that Chris had allowed Cadle to use his confession letters for an upcoming October 7 book release, Letters From Christopher. In exchange, Cadle agreed to also publish his testimony of 'coming to God' and the 'forgiveness that he had received.'

Chris confessed that he had been planning his family's murder for quite some time. First, Chris thought it would be easier to leave his pregnant wife if she had miscarried their son, Nico, so he slipped her some Oxycodone in hopes that it would happen.

In the letters, Watts described smothering his daughters separately on August 13, 2018, while they were sleeping in their beds using a pillow. Once they were knocked out, Chris went to his pregnant wife Shanann Watts and had an argument before he proceeded to strangle her. After his wife was murdered, his two daughters woke and walked into their parents' bedroom and saw that their mother had been strangled. Shocked that his daughters were still somehow alive, he decided to take them along for a ride as he loaded his wife's body into his truck and drove everyone to an oil site where he proceeded to murder his 2 daughters AGAIN and eventually disposing their bodies in the oil tanks

Chris Watts is currently serving a life sentence at Dodge Correctional Institution, Wisconsin after pleading guilty to 4 murders.

Chris Watts drove 39 miles from his home to the oil site where he disposed of the bodies

MAP: Chris Watts' home to oil site

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