Child Abuse or Self-Defense? A Man Pushes a Child Down After Being Taunted

Boy punches man who has had enough

A 10-year-old child caught vandalizing cars in the parking lot taunted a man who threatened to call for help

The person filming the video claims that the child and another friend were riding their bikes and cut him off. The man then rolled down the window to tell the kids get out of the street before he was cussed at and flipped off by the kids who then followed the driver to his parking space... who then started throwing rocks at the driver's car. The driver then went to the concession stand (where the video takes place) and notifies a park manager (the man with a cap who we see getting pushed around in the video) who then calls for help. At first, the kids left the area after the park manager told them to go home, but the boys came back to taunt the park manager (where the video takes place).

The park manager is seen getting pushed around by the 10-year-old boy before getting punched at. Eventually, the park manager's patience ran out and he proceeded to push the kid down by pushing his neck. Another boy can be heard in the video screaming out "child abuse" while the 10-year-old was crying on the ground.

After the incident in the video, the police came and asked if the man wanted to press charges against the boy and his parents - since they felt it was a self-defense situation. The police also warned the man not to push the child as it could have seriously hurt him. The child's mom later arrives with the boy and everyone apologized to each other.

The internet chimed in with comments after watching the viral video (below). Some felt the child needed discipline. Some felt the man used excessive force. Either way, people seem divided. Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Source: Twitter / @DonutOperator