Young Adults Are Still At Risk of Serious Coronavirus Infection

States Act To Close All Bars, Restaurants And Gyms To Limit Spread Of Coronavirus

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns that coronavirus does not discriminate against young adults as previously thought. It turns out, 38% of those hospitalized are over the age of 20 and under the age of 54. 47% of those in intensive care are under the age of 65.

A new report by the CDC points out that young adults are also at risk of being seriously ill from the coronavirus. The data still points that seniors aged above 65-years-old are 75% more likely to die from the virus after they arrive at a hospital.

The data was sampled from 508 patients who were hospitalized between February 12 and March 16. About 47% of 121 patients in ICU were under the age of 65.

So to sum it up, young people (millennial-aged) are still likely to develop serious infections from the coronavirus, but older patients, 65-years-old and older, are more at risk.

Even President Trump, who initially compared the coronavirus to the seasonal flu at first, has realized that even young people are at risk and should avoid gathering in public spaces and restaurants on Wednesday. He also added, 'They're feeling invincible...but they don't realize that they can be carrying lots of bad things home to grandmother and grandfather and even their parents. So we want them to heed the advice. We mean the advice. And I think it's getting through.'

Photo: MIAMI BEACH, FL - MARCH 17: People eat at a restaurant along Ocean Drive on March 17, 2020 in Miami Beach, Florida. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ordered all Florida restaurants statewide to reduce their capacity by 50 percent, and all bars and clubs to close for 30 days starting at 5 p.m. Tuesday in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus. Miami Beach, which is in the middle of spring break, extended the closure order until 11pm tonight as business owners prepare to comply with the new orders as the country battles COVID-19. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

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