Bride Wants to Combine Wedding and Aunt's Funeral to Save on Costs

Due to high funeral costs, a bride from Santa Maria, California posted on Facebook that she wanted to save on church costs by combining both her wedding and her aunt Karen's funeral into one event.

'We are all deeply saddened about her loss but we promise that we will not cancel the wedding next week.'

That would mean that her aunt's open casket would be nearby while she says, "I do." The post was later shared by a Facebook group called, "That's It I'm Wedding Shaming."

Any Californian will tell you, the cost of living in Cali could get pretty expensive. The average cost of funerals can run over $7000... and that's if you do cut a lot of corners. I mean, funerals and weddings are both celebrations of life, love, and joy, are they not? The good news is that her aunt would be there in spirit AND in person at the woman's wedding.

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