Bride Falls In Love with Her Wedding DJ

Megan Willis, 26, originally from Baltimore, Maryland, hooked up with her wedding DJ, Mark Stone, 49, just 2 years after her wedding.

Megan and Mark initially met after her sister Kristen introduced the two in 2015 while he was DJing at a restaurant in Essex, Maryland. Megan and her sister Kristen would often visit the restaurant where Mark worked on several occasions. Mark was a funny guy, and Megan liked that about him. After the three got acquainted, Kristen would later book Mark to DJ her sister Megan's wedding in July 2016.

A year after Megan and her then-husband got married, she was unhappy and would often talk to her friend Mark, online and in person, about her marriage issues. Megan felt neglected by her husband who she claimed was addicted to video games. Megan didn't like him sitting around playing video games with his headphones on and not going out with her. Enough was enough, she didn't feel like she should have to beg her husband for attention.

Mark was always there for Megan after she and her husband would argue. He was her support, her friend during her times of need. Mark too would share stories his marriage issues, of 30-years, with Megan. The two developed a bond.

After Mark Stone and Megan Willis finalized their divorces, the two moved in together in North Carolina, despite their 23-year age gap, around August 2018. Megan believes that she was an old soul, while Mark was a young soul. Their personalities fit perfectly somewhere in the middle. Despite Mark's vasectomy, the two hope to have children one day if doctors are able to reverse it.

The couple have an Instagram account at @wearemarkandmegan

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