Boy Found in Kentucky is NOT Timmothy Pitzen, Actually Brian Michael Rini

DNA tests reveal that the person found in Northern Kentucky is NOT 14-year-old Timmothy Pitzen but is actually, 23-year-old convicted felon, Brian Michael Rini.

Authorities say it's actually a 23-year-old convicted felon from Medina, Ohio – Brian Michael Rini.

Rini told authorities that HE was in fact, Timmothy, who has been missing from Illinois for almost eight years.

No one knows why Rini, an adult with a criminal record dating back to 2013, or anyone for that matter, would make up such a story. Rini could face charges.

Records reveal that Rini was released from an Ohio prison on March 7 after serving over a year for vandalism and burglary. Rini was one of four men who was charged in Medina County in 2017 for hosting a party and caused over a $1,000 in damage to a model home which he pretended to be the new owner of and lying to neighbors.

Rini was also convicted in 2015 and 2016 for passing bad checks and falsification.

So, where's Timmothy Pitzen?

Timmothy Pitzen of Aurora, Illinois, would be 14 years old today.

According to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, Timmothy Pitzen disappeared back in May 12, 2011 and was last seen at a water park in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin after his mother, Amy Fry-Pitzen had taken him out of school just one day before he disappeared. Timmothy's teacher, Cheryl Broach, became suspicious when Timmothy's mother pulled him out of school that day without any advance notice.

Here's where it got weird, his mother Amy Fry-Pitzen was later found dead (suicide) in a Rockford, Illinois, hotel. She left a note behind which stated that "Timmothy would never be found, but that he was safe and being cared for by a loved one,"

Authorities believe that Amy Fry-Pitzen struggled with depression and was in an "unhappy marriage" before she took her own life.

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