Are The Use of Body Slimming Apps Ethical?

Are body slimming apps for Instagram a problem? Some believe so.

With a swipe of your finger you too can have a godly body, thanks to these body slimming, modification apps. The app also allows you to have a beard, six-pack abs, and tattoos. But, could this cause self-esteem issues and potential catfishing when dating?

A Turkish app called Photolift is one of many apps that can make your body, face look slimmer with just a simple swipe. Is it ethical to enhance your photos to look slimmer, or bigger, than you really are? Some believe that people can use these apps to catfish potential dates on dating sites.

People on Twitter are responding to the app with their concerns. One person, @mayaMOMENTS posted ‘Omg. This app is crazzzyyyy. Catfishing gone be tooo easy now’.

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