Biker Spells Out 'Marry Me' on Bike Route, Proposes to Girlfriend

Jon Blaze and his girlfriend Thau Nguyen, avid bikers, went for a 15.7-mile bike ride around Houston, Texas in March 2019.

This time, Jon warned her that 'we're gonna ride a crazy route today. Don't ask any questions, just follow along.' The couple started from Buffalo Bayou Park and rode in forward and reverse directions on different streets several times.

When they were finished with the ride about one and a half hours later, the couple ended back at Buffalo Bayou Park where Jon kneeled down in front of Thau and pulled up the Strava app (used to track their route); the route had spelled out 'MARRY ME.'

She said 'YES!'

Jon Blaze + Thau bike ride, Houston, Texas

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