Animals You Can Bring With You on Airplane Flights

Animals You Can Bring With You on Airplane Flights

People have flown with dogs, cats, miniature horses, peacocks, hamsters, ducks, pigs, but this one was NOT allowed: a flying squirrel. 

A Frontier Airlines Flight 1612 passenger was recently removed from a flight heading to Cleveland, Ohio from Orlando International Airport because she wanted to bring her squirrel along for emotional support. She refused to deplane once the flight attendant realized what she was bringing with her. That was when authorities were called to remove her from the plane through Gate 15. Unfortunately, all passengers had to deplane as well in order to get the woman off the airplane.

Technically, rodents are not allowed on flights even if it's caged and a carry on.

Frontier Airlines announced in a new policy that starting on November 1, only cats and dogs to fly as emotional support or comfort animals and only cats, dogs and (miniature) horses are allowed to fly as trained service or therapy animals. 

Meanwhile, American Airlines went a step further and banned all insects, goats and even hedgehogs and most untrained animals from flying with passengers. These animals can create issues for other passengers and working dogs. However, passengers can file some paperwork at least 48 hours before their flight to convince authorities to make exceptions. 

It turns out, the Americans With Disabilities Act don't actually require businesses to support or allow emotional-support animals in their establishments. 

What animals are you NOT allowed to bring with you on an airplane?

These animals are no longer accepted as "emotional support" animals on most flights:

  • Insects
  • Goats
  • Hedgehogs
  • Ferrets
  • Spiders
  • Chickens
  • Hawks

If passengers may have to provide an official letter at least 48 hours in advance from a mental health professional in order to bring an approved emotional support animal with them on a flight. Animals will have to pass behavioral guidelines and up to date on vaccinations in order to travel. 

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