Prison Escapee Convinces Officer That He's a Jogger

A Ball, Louisiana, officer stopped a "jogger" who matched the description of a prisoner who recently escaped from prison

Federal inmate Richard Lee McNair managed to convince the officer in the video (below) that he was just a jogger who forgot to carry his ID with him on April 6, 2006. Instead of committing murders, maybe McNair should've been an actor because, WOW... this is Oscar worthy!

Richard Lee McNair (born December 19, 1958) is a convicted murderer who murdered a man by gunshot during a robbery in 1987 who is currently serving two terms of life imprisonment for these crimes including escaping from prison (as seen in the video).

McNair managed to escape THREE times from THREE different prisons! On his first attempt, he used lip balm in order to lube his hands out of some handcuffs. The second time he managed to escape by crawling through a vent. In his third escape from a federal prison (in the video), he mailed himself out of prison in a crate. He was featured on the TV show America's Most Wanted, and managed to make it on the top fifteen fugitives wanted by US Marshals.

McNair escaped the country to Canada twice to evade capture and was caught a year later in a random police check.

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