Attorney, Who Is a Mother and Wife, Prostitutes Part-Time Because It's Fun

Katherine Sears, 30, who is a defense lawyer, mother, and wife from Des Moines, Iowa works as a part-time prostitute.

Sears has been traveling to Nevada over the past 3 years to work in a brothel for 3 weeks at a time, 1 week at home. She once made $55,000 over three weeks while working at a brothel in Nevada. When things got busy at the brothel, Sears would sometimes see about 10 - 15 clients a day.

Sears met her husband, John (who has no problem with his wife's part-time job), while attending Drake Law School. The couple recently had a baby just a few months ago. Katherine has taken time off from her part-time profession to focus on raising her new child and their law firm.

During an interview with KCCI, when asked why she prostitutes, she simply replied, 'I like sex. Sex is fun, and I can get paid for it,'

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