Army Medic and Mistress Conspires to Kill His Wife

Former Honolulu, Hawaii, Army medic Michael Walker, 40, was sentenced to 35 years in prison for plotting to kill his wife, Catherine Walker, in 2014; his mistress, Alisa Jackson, got 33 years

Michael worked at Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu when he and Jackson met online and started dating in 2014. According to prosecutors, Michael told Alisa “Lisa” Marie Jackson that he wanted to leave his wife but was not able to divorce her because of concerns regarding their finances. The two later plotted to kill his wife of 11 years, Catherine Walker, in the Walker home located at Aliamanu Military Reservation. Jackson fled to Fort Wayne, Indiana where she was later arrested for her part in the crime.

In a plea deal, Jackson told the court that she had stabbed Catherine several times on November 14, 2014, the night of the murder. After stabbing her, Jackson asked Catherine if she forgave her for what she did, which Catherine allegedly did before Jackson stood by for about half an hour just to make sure she was dead before fleeing the scene. Jackson even provided valuable clues to authorities, such as messages between the two, to prove that Michael was in on it.

US District Judge Susan Oki Mollway gave Walker 5 extra years over the standard 30 years since he had masterminded the plot to take advantage of Jackson's mental health issues and have her commit the murder.

After the sentencing, Catherine Walker's family supported the verdict and forgave her husband's mistress for trying to kill her. Michael expressed sorrow and apologized to his wife's family.

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