Are Frankie's Dreams Finally Coming True?! + Crazy Girl Confessions!

Are Frankie's dreams FINALLY coming true???? Every single morning the show has had to hear him complain about his eyebrows. Literally. Every. Single. Day. Nail salons are set to open tomorrow, but Geena breaks the news to Frankie that just because they CAN be open, doesn't mean they WILL be open...

Crazy Girl Confessions for your Thursday! This Crazy Girl gets back at her cheating ex, but she might have just ruined dating for him for the rest of his life...

The Bachelor's Eric Bigger and Chris Randone join the show this morning to talk about the upcoming season of the bachelor and their new book!

Plus! Dating in 2020 is hard! Phone Screener Jess has a friend that is single who got himself in a complicated situation! But the show is divided in what he should do next!

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