Man Finds Mother's Body Buried in Childhood Home

Aaron Fraser, bought the deed to his childhood home in North Jacksonville, Florida, in 2014, and accidentally discovered his mother's remains while looking for the source of a water leak.

At that point it all made sense... he remembered his father, Michael Haim, 'hurt' his mother, Bonnie, 23, and even remembers helping him dig a hole in that exact spot in January of 1993 when he was only 3-years-old.

Aaron was eventually adopted into a different family and had changed his last name.

After winning the deed to his childhood home, he started doing renovations and accidentally broke a pipe while digging with an excavator. Upon digging around to find the source of the leak, he noticed a bag that looked like there was a coconut inside... then he saw a skull and some teeth around it. Tests later confirmed that the remains belonged to his mother, Bonnie.

In 2015, Aaron's father, Michael Haim was arrested in North Carolina. In April of 2019, Haim was convicted of 2nd-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. Michael told authorities that Bonnie had left the house without her son late one night after an argument and didn't feel like reporting it. Only 2 things were ever found, her purse, in a trash can at a hotel that was discovered by a maintenance worker, and her car, that was abandoned near the Jacksonville International Airport.

The medical examiner concluded that Aaron's mother had died from a homicide, by unspecified means.

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