$600 Payment To Low-Income Californians May Arrive Early 2021

Approximately 4 million California residents could receive a $600 payment from the state if Gavin Newsom's budget proposal is approved.

Individuals with annual incomes below $30,000 (including immigrants who live in California and file state taxes) would be eligible for the payment, which the Governor hopes will be distributed in February or March of 2021.

While California normally approves the budget in June, Governor Newsom has asked state law makers to approve the budget now and provide relief to residents suffering from the impact of the continuing pandemic. The $600 payments to low-income residents will cost the state roughly $2.4 billion dollars.

With the state's unemployment rate hitting 8.2% in November, the governor has also asked state legislators to extend the moratorium on evictions, stating “Californians who have been impacted by this pandemic will get help to provide for their families and keep a roof over their heads."

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