34-year-old Man Murders Father Because his Allowance was Cut

Princeton graduate Thomas Gilbert Jr., 34, was convicted of murder in Manhattan, New York City, and was sentenced to 30 years in prison for shooting his father Thomas Sr., a 70 year-old hedge fund manager, in the head after his allowance was cut in January 2015.

Thomas Jr. was comfortable living off his father's allowance until his father abruptly cut off his allowance. One night, following an argument with his father, Thomas Jr. asked his mother to get make him a sandwich and get him a Coke; as she walked into the kitchen, Thomas Jr. pulled a gun out and shot his father, 6 times.

Thomas Jr. claimed he had a psychotic break and that he was schizophrenic when he shot his father. His mother, Shelley Gilbert, believes that Jr. was sick and needed mental help. Jr.'s insanity plea was rejected by the court, since he asked his mother to get him a sandwich and Coke, and moved to convict him.

Prior to the killing, Thomas Jr. had driven to Ohio to buy a gun that he had searched about online, along with info on hiring a hitman.

Today, Thomas Jr. was given 5 years for each bullet he shot into his father, for a total 30 years for 6 bullets. Jr.'s mother, Shelley requested that he be in a prison near her home so that she can visit.

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