24-year-old Man Shoots Mother While Using Facebook Live

Jeffrey Antonio Langford, 24, from North Salt Lake, Utah

Jeffrey Antonio Langford, 24, from North Salt Lake, Utah shoots his mother, Graciela Holker, 45, several times while broadcasting on Facebook Live

Langford claims that on Saturday around 7:10 PM, Holker had tried to commit suicide by slitting her throat and then shooting herself 3 times 'in the face', but was still alive, so he went to 'finish the job' for her, claiming he didn't want his mother to be a 'vegetable,' while he live-streamed using Facebook Live 3 separate times. In one of the clips, Langford holds Holker's head up near the sofa and coffee table after she had been shot and stating that he was 'not going to jail.'

When authorities arrived at Holker's home, Langford had left but was later found covered in 'reddish-brown substance on his face' (blood?) and appeared to be intoxicated. Investigators also said it would be nearly unlikely for her to be able to use a gun to shoot herself multiple times after shooting herself in the head. They also found bullet casings around Langford's room. He also later claimed to authorities that Holker had drunk alcohol along with Klonopin, a sedative... leading her act irrationally. He admitted that he did, in fact, shoot Holker in the back of the head after the end of the video.

Jeffrey Antonio Langford was charged with obstruction of justice, a misdemeanor count of carrying a dangerous weapon under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and first-degree murder.


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