Britney Spear's Dad Calls Out Her Personal Conservator in New Court Docs!

Jamie Spears recently filed court documents claiming that personal conservator Jodi Montgomery and Britney Spears' former lawyer Sam Ingraham are responsible for committing the singer in 2019.

According to court documents obtained by Page Six, Montgomery was concerned that Britney hadn’t been taking her medication and “was spiraling out of control.”

But Montgomery’s rep fired back in a statement to The Post stating that , “As Case Manager, Ms. Montgomery worked under the sole direction and control of Jamie Spears.

“She had no power or authority to place Britney Spears in any facility as a Case Manager – only Jamie Spears had that power in March 2019.

The statement added, “It is in Ms. Spears’ best interests that her father step down as her Conservator, so he can go back to just being Ms. Spears’ father, and working on a healthy, supportive father-daughter relationship."

However, Jamie claims in the new filing that he has only been working to protect his daughter. The court papers state, “Throughout his service as Conservator, Mr. Spears’ sole motivation has been his unconditional love for his daughter and a fierce desire to protect her from those trying to take advantage of her.”

Sources are claiming that as soon as Jamie is removed from the conservatorship and Jason Rubin is appointed, his first order of business will be to conduct forensic accounting to determine if Jamie mishandled his daughter’s money.

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