Travis Barker's Ex-Wife Blames Kourtney Kardashian for 'Destroying' Family

Shanna Moakler blames her ex-husband Travis Barker’s new girlfriend Kourtney Kardashian for her bad relationship with her kids Landon and Alabama.

As fans will recall, Moakler and Barker ended their marriage 10 years ago, but that hasn’t stopped her from claiming that Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian are “destroying” her family. She accused Kim of cheating with Barker, and she has accused Kourtney, his current love, of destroying her relationship with her kids.

In a recent video with TMZ, she stated "My family is broken because of this family and now my kids and I are alienated from each other because of another sister in the family, so yay for me."

Meanwhile, Barker referred to Kourtney as “the love of my life” on social media.

Photo Credit: Travis Barker's Instagram

Click HERE to watch the full interview.

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