Olivia Rodrigo Is Obsessed With Cardi B!

The “Drivers License” singer told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, “I’m so in love with her, I want to marry her.”

She explained by saying, "I feel lucky to be a teenager at the time when Cardi is making music. … Just even as a songwriter, some of the stuff that she says is just so honest and almost like shockingly honest. When I listened to her song, I'm like, 'Oh wow, she really just said that on a recorded album.' Those are my favorite artists who say stuff that other people are scared to say,"

The rapper seems to really enjoy the High School Musical: The Musical: The Series actress as well. 

She recently called Rodrigo a “sweetie pie” on Twitter and wrote, “I can’t wait to see what she have coming next!”

This is not first time that both artist have congratulated each and shared their love for each others music.

Back in January, Cardi tweeted out her frustration about the fact that she has to rely on other people to fulfill her late-night McDonald’s cravings. Olivia later responded with " girl I will pick you and take u wherever u wanna go"

Watch the Full Interview Below:

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