This Boss Recognizes Her Team for National Administrative Day!

Administrative Professionals Day happens on April 21st and Irma reached out to Geena and Frankie to nominate her front office team for Make Happiness Happen. Irma's team consist of Alba, Mariana, Heidi, and herself and they all work at the Sharp Chula Vista Barnhart Cancer Center. Her team mainly works with radiation patients.

The team of four are all hard working but faced many challenges during pandemic. Irma said that her co-workers continue to work hard, adapt to all the changes, make improvements, and most importantly they are kind, helpful, and understanding with their patients.

Irma is hoping that her team can be rewarded for all of their hard work and dedication because it does not get recognized enough.

Thanks to our friends at Batta Fulkerson Law Group, we are surprising Irma with a gift card to celebrate with her team and show her gratitude for all their hard work!

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