Helping Two Sisters Surprise Their Dad with His Favorite Hobby!

Sisters, Taylor and Alyssa, reached out to Geena and Frankie to nominate their dad, Matt, for Make Happiness Happen!

Matt is a hardworking single dad to Taylor and Alyssa and his girls describe him as a hero. Matt experienced a lot of heartbreak and hardships after Taylor and Alyssa's mother left but always remained positive. Taylor shared that their dad has always worked 7 days a week to make sure that they were taken care and even though his daughters are older now, he still prioritize them over himself.

During Matt's free time, his favorite hobby is to build new projects. His current project is building a new RC car. Taylor and Alyssa are hoping that they can surprise their father with a gift that will contribute to his new hobby and they want to give their father a break and show how much they appreciate him.

Thanks to our friends at Batta Fulkerson Law Group we surprised Matt with a Luna Grill gift card and a Home Depot gift card to help him with his new hobby!

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