Help This Motorcycle Accident Victim Get Back On His Feet!

Listener Celia reached out to Make Happiness Happen for her neighbors, Martha and Shilo.

Last month, Shilo went out for a motorcycle ride and ended up in a very serious accident. A pickup truck made an unexpected left turn cutting in the path of Shilo at highway speeds. He has several broken bones and went through multiple surgeries. He has a long road to recovery and will be out of work for a long period of time.

Currently, his fiancé Martha is out of work because she is his current caregiver during his recovery. The two just got engaged and recently took engagement photos. However, the couple is facing financial hardships and is behind on their bills. One of their friends started a GoFundMe for the couple to help them out.

Celia knows that the couple are vegetarians and need help making meals during Shilo's recovery.

Thanks to our friends at Batta Fulkerson we able to contribute to Martha's and Shilos GoFundMe.

Plus! Our friends at Meal Prep Co and Maya's Cookies will donate vegetarian meals and delicious vegan cookies to the couple!

To donate to their GoFundMe, Click Here:

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