Treating this hardworking staff to a belated holiday lunch

Listener Mysty wanted to nominate Kevin and his team at Stepping Stone San Diego. Stepping Stone is a non-profit alcohol and drug recovery and treatment center for the LGBTQ community. Mysty is a former employee of Stepping Stone and understands how hard the staff works and how much they do for the community, during the holidays the staff contracted Covid-19 during the holidays and was unable to have type of holiday celebration. Mysty is hoping to make it up to them by having a belated holiday lunch.

With the help from our friends at Batta Fulkerson and Luna Grill we were able to surprise them with a catered lunch from Luna Grill! Taste the Mediterranean diet all wrapped up with Luna Grill’s new Modern Greek Chicken Wrap. Grilled chicken, feta cheese, chopped kale and pickled onions, wrapped in multigrain lavash. …only at Luna Grill