Does Geena Have A New Obsession? + Love EM' Or Leave EM'?!

Does Geena Have A New Obsession? + Love EM' Or Leave EM'?!

Does Geena have a new obsession??? She did something over the weekend and its unexpectedly kind of become her new favorite thing! We also teach Frankie a new term and we learn that he's basically been living under a rock. LOL

Would you date someone if they were STILL living with their ex??? That's what Listener Anonymous is currently going through! So we turn to SD for some advice! Find out what happens in this morning's Love Em or Leave Em!

Plus! Frankie found himself in some trouble over the weekend. He and his gf went out to eat over the weekend but he didn't tip!!!!!!!!! The restaurant got so upset that they actually called him out and said something to him! But! There was a reason why he didn't tip in the first place.....

  • It has been announced that San Diego city officials will delay reinforcement of all of its parking regulations until September 1st, a decision made due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Click HERE for all the details
  • San Diego County public health officials have reported 306 new COVID-19 cases however there were no new deaths reported.  Click HERE for more info
  • After more than 100 years, the Museum of Man announced that it is changing its name to the Museum of US! Click HERE for more info
  • Rhode Island mistakenly issued tax refund checks signed by Walt Disney, Mickey Mouse! Click HERE for the story
  • There are more covid cases in Major League Baseball. This time it has turned up in the St. Louis Cardinals organization. Click HERE for the details
The 55th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Backstage And Audience

I feel like Adele and I would be best friends because we're both obsessed with Beyonce! LOL!! Like the rest of the world Adele showed her love for Beyonce's latest release 'Black Is King'. But in her appreciation post, you can hardly tell it's her!!! But the real question here is, ummmmmmm when are we getting new music from Adele?!!

Click the link for the full story: Adele Looks Unrecognizable As She Pays Tribute To Beyonce’s 'Black Is King'

Is Ellen getting taken off the air??? 'Ellen DeGeneres Show' Executive Producer Andy addresses the cancellation rumors on twitter....

Click the link for the full story: 'Ellen DeGeneres Show' Executive Producer Addresses Cancellation Rumors

If you missed Ellen's statement against her toxic workplace allegations,

Click the link: Ellen DeGeneres Addresses Toxic Workplace Allegations In Note To Staff

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