Headless Man Filmed Walking Across Street

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There are plenty of weird things going on in the world right now, but a video that just came out might be one of the strangest. It shows a busy street in an Asian country. Stop and go traffic moves in one direction as pedestrians and scooters try to cross through it. However, in all the chaos of people trying to get to where they need to be, one man walking across the road grabs the attention of anyone watching the clip. He's dressed in shorts and a button-down shirt and carries a red bag, but his most notable feature is that he has no head.

There's no word on what's actually going on in the video, but it doesn't look like it's been edited in any way. Also, it seems unlikely that it is just someone in a costume since the footage is so benign. However, no one around the headless man is reacting as a person might if they were witnessing someone moving without a crucial body part.

Creepier still is that this isn't the first time a man with no head has been filmed walking:

According to scientists, although some reflexes might continue for a few seconds, the human body can only live for one or two seconds with no head, so it's pretty unlikely the person walking in the video doesn't have one.

Photo: LiveLeak

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