A "Jersey Shore" Star Had Surgery to Get a 6 Pack... No Seriously!

I'm ALL IN on this! For far too long girls have been able to get away with cheating their looks with boob jobs. I don't want you think I'm one of those guys who hates women and all that, it's actually the opposite. I am in no way judging women for getting them, I'm actually jealous of it. You hear all these stories about women who were feeling self concious because of their chest and if they could afford it, they could get the surgery and BOOM, a new found confidence. You never really hear of those instances for guys. If you want to feel better about that flab you have down in your gut then you need to eat healthier and do a few thousand sit ups. Well, not anymore!

Whether he's vacationing along the Jersey Shore or spending time at home in Las Vegas,Ronnie Ortiz-Magroalways makes fitness a priority in his life.
"I've always been a workout fanatic and I've always been in shape but it also takes a lot of hard work to stay in shape," theJersey Shorestar explained on Friday's all-new episode ofThe Doctors.
But after becoming a father to a baby girl, Ronnie's life "completely changed."
"She's like my guardian angel and now I can't spend two to three hours every day in the gym like I used to," he shared. "Gym, tan, laundry for me is now gym, tan, diapers."

That's a cute story and all and it makes sense, dude is running around looking after a kid (and fighting with his baby mama) and doesn't have time to hit the gym. Plus hitting the gym sucks because you have to actually life heavy things. So he looked for help...

"We're going to do something for Ronnie today that wasn't even available 10 years ago," the doctor shared in a sneak peek clip. "When you wake up, you're going to have a six-pack."
While you have to wait for the results—or watch Friday's all-new episode—a preview above shows Ronnie calling into the show and sharing how he feels just after the surgery.
No pain, no gain right Ronnie?
These days, theJersey Shorestar remains focused on his daughter. One look at his Instagram feed and you'll quickly see the proud dad spending time with his baby girl.

You better believe I will be signing up for this as soon as I can afford it!


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