DJ 'Marshmello' Sued for Stealing One of his Hit Songs!

YIKESSSSS.... Is what I would say if I was actually surprised.

According to TMZ, Marshmello is being sued by a pretty popular DJ named 'Arty.' I've actually heard of Arty so it's kind of a big deal, at least a bigger deal than all those other unheard of people that come forward claiming a hit is a rip off of their work. Anyway, Arty claims that Marshmello's hit 'Happier' is a rip off of a remix he did to One Republic's 'I Lived.' Confused yet? Don't worry it gets better. Look, I'm not going to claim I'm some music insider or prodigy who understands all music theory. I listen to A LOT of music just like everyone else and I'd like to think I can tell when a song sounds the same... THIS AIN'T IT! Take a listen to the two songs and see for yourself!


Now whether Marshmello ripped off Arty is for the higher ups to decide. I'm not here to talk about that. I'm here to talk about people using other people's music. It's a tale as old as time! WHO CARES?? Look my dad is a lifetime musician and he's always telling me that musicians get screwed over when it comes to payment and royalties. I get it, its all about the benjamins. But for real, if Marshmello makes a song that sounds like yours that is only going to help you. I would have never listened to the remixed song had it not been for the article popping up in my feed. So if anything, Arty should be thanking Marshmello because now more and more people will listen to his remix! You can get more details in the link below!



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