American Idol Myra Tran Had the Judges on Their Feet During Auditions

Myra Tran auditions for American Idol in front of superstar judges Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie and Katy Perry with her take on Jennifer Hudson's "One Night Only" on AMERICAN IDOL

American Idol is back with new contestants determined to win. One Idol contestant, Myra Tran, blew all 3 judges away with her audition.

Myra wore a black pantsuit with a bedazzled collar and shiny kitten heels and chose to sing Jennifer Hudson's "One Night Only," a VERY hard song to sing.

After Tran's performance, Katy Perry was surprised to learn that she was only in high school. Myra replied, "Yes, I'm in a choir in high school."

"If you keep singing, you're really gonna connect with people," Katy Perry explained to Myra. "We can really feel who you are through the music. I feel like music transcends language barriers, and you just showed us that."

“You’re up there with the Kelly Clarksons of the world,” said Luke Bryan.

19-year-old student Myra Tran, whose full Vietnamese name is Trần Minh Như immigrated to the United States from Vietnam a year ago in order to pursue her dream of singing in the United States.

"I [moved] here so I can follow my dream," she explained to the judges. "[It's] the best way to follow my dream."

Tran fell in love with singing when she first heard Whitney Houston in the sixth grade. In 2016 at only the age of 16, Myra competed on and won The X Factor Vietnam Season 2.

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