English kids are wayyyyyyyyy cooler than American kids. Not only do they have the accent, but they apparently can prank way better than any of our American kids. We are sitting over here thinking that writing your name as Hugh Jass is hilarious while English kids are across the pond doing license plate pranks. And this one is a beauty... I mean come on, NE14ABJ? THAT'S BRILLIANT!! You got to the announcer guy at the game and tell him your dad is blocked in and he needs to get the car out. Of course the announcer guy wants to help so he gets on the mic and tells everyone in attendance "Hey, if anyone has the license plate N E 1 4 A B J? can you please move your car."

Absolutely brilliant. The social media team knew it too, they couldn't be mad. The little buggers (I was told this is a British term) are a billion steps ahead of the rest of the world.

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